sexta-feira, 28 de junho de 2013


Baptiste Léonne

Despia a alma a custo. Nunca tinha ficado nua para além do corpo. Escondia na nudez da pele o longe que a habitava dentro, onde ninguém chegava sem voltar para trás de tão perdidos no caminho. Ficava nua sem nunca despir quem era. Foi a primeira vez, e talvez a única, numa vida inteira, que deixou espreitar o que, de corpo nu, nunca foi capaz de revelar. E ninguém reparou.

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Andy disse...

um beijinho

Always disse...

Muito obrigada, Andy! :-)

Anónimo disse...

Dear A.

I pity the girl for whom you will be the One. I pity the girl that will desperately fall in love with you. You don't have in you the capacity to love again like you love(d) this girl. You have been consumed by this love.

I love you since the first text you have published on this blog and now that I have met you, (yes I have but I am not going to tell you who I am nor when it was), I know that I love you.

But I am not allowing mysef to love you because it's certainly the road to excruciating pain.

So I just pity the girl...

Always disse...

Dear Anonymous,

Mystery aside, you do seem to know some essentials of me... and that leaves me here in a uncomfortable position since I can only guess who you may be. Nevertheless, we must be old time friends now, it's been a while since I'm around and, like you said, you're reading me from the start. And we met, after all.

Anyway, from what you said, the only person here to pity is me, I would say...

Anónimo disse...

Dear A.

Don't fell uncomfortable, I won't bother you and it's not probable that I will cross your path again. And no, I don't pity you, I feel deeply sad for you. Right now you may not be alone but you are lonely and lost.

I hope that some day, some One will find the way to your heart, that you will allow yourself to love and be loved again.

Dear A., be well, take care.

Always disse...

Dear Anonymous,

Please understand my uneasiness is due to the fact of not knowing to whom I am addressing to. It's somehow unfair that we've met and I don't have a clue to identify and situate you, yet you know so much about me... That's what bothers me, not you or your revelation.

You may be right about me being lost and lonely, but at least I know what true love is, I've lived it once, most of the people never get that far in their life time, being with someone or not they're still lonely inside. Love is a rare and precious thing.

And I do hope too one day I'll experience that feeling again in total reciprocity. All it takes is to fall in love first, right?...

Thank you for your wishing well! :)