segunda-feira, 9 de outubro de 2006

Garbage - Androgyny

Boys in the girls room
Girls in the men's room
You free your mind in your androgyny
Don't let a soulmate pass you by

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Senhora Saudades disse...

nice! androgyny is always good :D haha...

i got all 4 autographs at a recordshop signing session in Vancouver yonks ago. don't recognise their faces now :( CD gone, given to an Aussie.

however, i'm not happy when it rains ;)

Always disse...

Some bird told me you would enjoy the androgyny in the clip. ;)

So, you were an autograph hunter! LOL... kidding... Garbage was one of my favourite bands when they started. The aussie was not Peta Wilson, was it?

I'm fine with rain when I'm warm in bed, preferably with someone hot... ;)

Senhora Saudades disse...


no theirs were the only ones i ever got. not into collecting that sort of things. they were in town promoting their first CD. Shirley thought i was a boy...hahahahah :D i'm not that andro! you know thatttttttttttt :)

regretably the Aussie wasn't miss Wilson. i'm probaby meeting up with this Aussie very soon in Gollem. she's bringing back some stuff from Oz for me :)

oooohhhhhh...wishing it were me! :P

where's me vinho?....


Always disse...

Hahahah... no, you're just soft andro! ;)

The Gollem... Amsterdam... yeah, brings something to my mind - got to pick something there... a postcard... next week, I'll find the place or you'll point it out for me!

LOL @ 'wishing it were me'
...parallels universes are great! ;)

Senhora Saudades disse...

you want to go to Gollem yourself or with me? [psssss...i don't want my barmen and regulars to see you without me...i'm jealous!!! >:( haha...:) ] please take it to email! :D

yes of course parallel universes are great :) i live in them most of the time.


soft andro

Always disse...

LOL... I was there... with you, of course!