segunda-feira, 9 de outubro de 2006

Parallel universes?

Anabark - Slussen... parallel paths (SET06)

...a question for you:
How would you define the notion of 'parallel universe'? You know all there is to know on this matter and I'm curtious. I believe in parallel universes, I have even spent half of my life in them, but somehow I fail to convince some people about the consistency of each layer of the multiple existence of the self. I can not prove it, but it's rather obvious life evolves through a multitude of choices and resolutions, otherwise it would be an arid desert dried of emotions and boredom would be a major cause of death.
I need a second opinion from someone else and I think you're good at exposing facts clear and simple because you're honest and fair, you speak the essential to make me understand new possibilities and perspectives of reality. We've been talking about parallel universes for a longtime, since ever actually. I feel now it's the moment to draw a definition of this elaborate way of dealing with our inner demons, anxities and desires as a mean to prevent us from being caged in hollowness and frustration through life.
What does it take to keep the bound in between worlds intact? Despite of what others may think living in parallel universes is not the same as living in a lie.

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Senhora Saudades disse... a lie?! [relax, i'm faking a bad reaction :) ]

as for the rest i have to think about it...such 'heavy' stuff this late in the wee hours of night. have to get back to you on this subject later.

sonhos doces darling,


Always disse...

It's ok, take all the time you need.

In the meanwhile, sweet dreams!


Senhora Saudades disse...

boa noite! i was busy today. didn't even have time for my cerveja :( i wish there were 48hrs in a day and still got to sleep 8hrs a night, and float among the stars in my parallel universe...

btw, are we talking about quantum physics and relativity? or the mind here?

Always disse...

Too busy here too, with my mother and hospital exams, you know.

Quantum physics, relativity, the labyrinths of the mind... you're welcome to discuss whatever you feel like. :)