sábado, 4 de novembro de 2006

Eurythmics-You have placed a chill in my heart

"Take me to the desert where there's got to be
A whole heap of nothing for you and me
Take me to the desert take me to the sand
Show me the colour of your right hand..."

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Senhora Saudades disse...

just me and you here tonight, minha querida. :)

muitas saudades...

can you remember chestnut street
and algae ripping at our feet?
i was just a little girl
and you were my whole world.

what i'd give to be lying in your arms,
what i'd give to be your girl again:

did you know that you were my first love?
did you know it's you i still dream of?
i've grown up a lot since then
my nostalgic heart will never mend.

what i'd give to be lying in your arms,
what i'd give to be your girl again
[by Bif Naked]

i think she's the female version of BHP but i'd rather BHP :) through and through!

Always disse...

"...my nostalgic heart will nerver mend..."

Thanks for your company and for Bif Naked don't know her work but I'm checking it up.

Saudades! :)

Senhora Saudades disse...

she's not too "femme-y" at all! in fact, she's one of us! ;)

cheers, darling.


Always disse...

LOL... Oh, I see!
I like her music - I did some mp3 downloads and I'm listenning to them now! :)

Thanks for letting me know about her, F.

analogic disse...

Penso: será o frio forma de descobrir o quente?
e o fechar das pálpebras, mostrar-nos-á o que temos dentro?
e o que damos, revela-nos o outro?