sábado, 11 de novembro de 2006

Red lamps

Senhora Saudades (aka F.)- In diferent colours (OUT06)
I remember looking at the red lamps on my last day in town.
I remember the walls, the chairs and tables in that bar.
I remember the talk and the rain outside
I remember you holding my hand for a while
I remember us killing time to say goodbye
I remember you dressing me with a smile
I remember parallels and universes colliding

I remember you and I remember me
I remember it clearly
I remember...

Is all that we see or seem
But a dream within a dream?

8 comentários:

Senhora Saudades disse...

bloody hell Senhora Sempre......i thought i was doing so well! your sweet litle poem makes me cry :)

people come and go but some leave foot prints in your heart.

profundas saudades tuas!!!


Always disse...

I din't mean to make you cry, F.
I wrote it with a smile. :)


PS - Your Portuguese is improving everyday day!

Senhora Saudades disse...

"You'll find that your life is richer. More full of possibilities and choices. I've opened up your world."

the rest i will have to take it to email/snail mail/my own universe.

...you know what i mean :)


ps: watching a Spanish film and wishing it was dubbed into Português ....yo no sé por qué :) oops i mean não sei por que

Always disse...

Are you feeling a bit 'Jenny' by any chance, or just missing the ways of 'Marina Ferrer'? ;)

Have sweet dreams.

Senhora Saudades disse...

noooo! never Jenny! i'm not the Jenny type haha...but she does pump some blood into Marina's veins, doesn't she?...

i miss our 'Alpha Femme' :)


Always disse...

Indeed, even 'alpha femme' Marina Ferrer has her moments of weakness. ;)

I'm still the same 'alpha femme' you once knew. Falling in love and being let down doesn't change my nature. It can happen to anyone... even to Marina! :)

Senhora Saudades disse...

Marinas are only flesh and blood.

as we now know there is no safe ground anymore. perhaps it never existed. i kind of like the 'new' Senhora Alpha Femme so i think i shall miss her when the old one finally returns in all her glory.

watch out Jennys _and_ 'Marcelas' cos the Senhora is coming to a(n) xyz near ya! :)

O Sol quando nasce é para todos


Always disse...

LOL.. that's right, so you finally accept the 'new' me! :D

I've learned something: no one's is safe - there is no safe ground.

I'm still me, F. In fact, I'm full grown up now! :)

Sleep tight, darling!