domingo, 24 de dezembro de 2006

Welcome to Lisbon F.

Senhora Saudades (aka F.), Postcard at De Wilderman (NOV06)
Dear F.,

You may be right, I'll never get to see the frozen canals of Amsterdam, but I don't mind, I already know what they look like. Probably you will never experience the magic of watching the snow falling over Lisbon, but you already know by heart this strange feeling of 'saudades'. I can only wish you feel at home now that you're around - Lisbon welcomes you. Your coming to town was my favourite Christmas' gift this year. And now that you're here, you must have realised 'saudades' never come to an end.
Merry Christmas in Portuguese land.

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Senhora Saudades disse...

greetings from Obidosssss! iºve been living in all the wrong countries Ç( forget Espana and the rest, my heart is now in Pt! where have you and *you* been all my life?!

Lisbon is the 3rd best thing this year (after Tibet and you). thank you, darling! as for ºsaudadeº, if it doesnºt get any better iºm not talking to you anymore...hawhaw Ç)

grr...PT keyboard layout is different...

Always disse...

LOL... I see you're having some trouble getting used to PT keyboards! hahaha... It doesn't matter, I still can read you.

I'm glad you're enjoying every moment here and I'm more than happy Lisbon is already in your heart... after Tibet and me, of course!

I'm sorry about this strange disease called 'saudade'. Once you caught the 'virus' there's no cure, darling. We just have to deal with it the best way we can... :)

Um beijo!

PS - See you next week on your way back to Lisbon!

Senhora Saudades disse...

back in Helland [very recently]. disoriented and devastated :(

not talking to you anymore! :) haha


Always disse...

Almost a year after I come across with this coments of yours!! What can I say really?... Hope you're back on the track by now ;)